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Rain on the windshield

The other day I took my lunch break to a city park where you can look out on the ponds and natural landscape. There I sat and ate a bologna sandwich and wished I had an apple to complete the meal. Others came and went, also on lunch break. I’m sure there would have been many more if it hadn’t been raining.

The rain helped accentuate my mood. Was i depressed? Not really, but I was yearning for clarity and perspective. That’s what I like about the rain. I discover that my car is green and not brown. The rain reveals true values. In the soft grey lighting there are no shadows to distort the colors. Everything is sharply defined yet blends in a sort of harmony with everything else making it easy on the eyes. Things far away and unimportant fade in the mist and let one focus only on his immediate surroundings. Ones shadow leaves and his reflection appears.

The louder facets of life are dulled and put down just like the drenched flags limply waving under the weight of the water. Trucks on the highway push along at a steady pace resigned to stay busy. Man is not a machine. He is affected by his environment ,but has the choice to act or react. When I see a pretty picture I just want to stare at it until i can pinpoint the feelings that I am experiencing. however that luxury isn’t often available.

I think that writing can let one transmit a feeling or a mood just as effectively as a picture or a song if it is done right. I want to reach that  capability, not to be a tear-jerker but to express myself effectively. Words are powerful, they can help one to change perspective or paradigm. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, I think that is because the right word is hard to find. The chances of hitting a bull’s eye are greater if your bullet is bigger than the entire target. That is not accuracy, it is overkill. I wish I could write like a rainy day.

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