Life in Ogden

So I just moved to to Ogden a few weeks back and decided to start writing about the things I discover as I go. I got job not far away, though not too close either. I’ll not give out too many details about what I do or where exactly I live for the sake of privacy. I moved in with the help of my parents. They had the truck loaded down with all my junk and I led the way to a house I hadn’t even seen the inside of. A room mate from my last domicile did house hunting for himself and let me know that there was an extra room available, so I took it. Not a moment too soon either, because I was this close to being evicted. Anyway, I got moved in and then we went out to eat pizza at the pi pizzeria. Probably the best I’ve eaten. Then my parents had to leave. I sat in an empty apartment for a few minutes and considered my situation. All my friends were at least sixty miles away, granted that’s not very far, but deal with it. I was lonely. If I hadn’t already stuffed myself with pizza I would have consoled myself with food. Groceries were next on the list of to dos so I hopped on over to the closest grocery store and grabbed a few essentials such as milk, cereal, and fixings for p b and js. Oh and cookies for dessert. After putting the food away I took a little drive east to find a good view of the sunset so I could watch it while I ate cookies.

My First Acquaintance

The next day I was aware that I was no longer alone in the house, but I left early and didn’t see anyone until after work. As I entered I found a manbun and an impressive beard attached to a tall skinny man with black rimmed glasses. We introduced ourselves and started into conversation. He gave me a very different view of life in Ogden. My impression of it up to that point had been that of a crowded city with lots of businesses and concrete. I thought of gangs and dumpy neighborhoods, a place people lived only because there was work. My new room mate told about rock climbing and hiking trails, social activities and community events. My eyes were opened. Living here might not be such a step down from the college town I came from.

The Drive Home

Every day for the first couple weeks I took a different route home from work. My eyes were peeled and my head was on a swivel as I tried to absorb every detail of my surroundings. I take note of grocery stores, thrift stores, recreation locales, restaurants, and municipal buildings. I watch out for shady areas and piece together a mental map of everything with relation to my domicile.

I discovered that Smith and Edward’s is right in my way, and often lures me in for a look at their wares. I found Mountain House meals there and decided to try a few. In fact I ate a freeze dried chicken casserole while writing this.

I gave every Ogden exit a go so I would know where I was at wherever I made it off the freeway. It happened first by accident when I missed my exit.

Ogden Canyon

From I-15 I could see the gap in the mountains known as Ogden Canyon. One day I made a b-line for it. It was very narrow, in fact it looked like it might not go anywhere. I followed the road right into it. I noticed that the shops and businesses leading up to it were more geared for outdoor enthusiasts and tourists. RV accommodations were common as streetlights.

The first thing I encountered was an enormous pipe that was strung across the canyon way up high. It bows down over the road and comes back up to its original elevation. Right next to it is a waterfall which is hardly visible on the way in since it is on the inside of the first corner.

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