The Upstairs Window

Once upon a time there was a boy, named Will, who lived in a small English town. There was a girl that he liked very much, so being a very impetuous character he did things to get her attention. He would carry things that were big, but not too heavy, to look strong like large sacks full of wool. He befriended Bruce Mason, the local bully and staged a fight where he won. She noticed him plenty but didn’t want to let him know. She thought he was very impressive indeed.
Finally he decided to cut right to the root. He went to her house and threw a rock at the upstairs window, where he believed her room was. It happened to be her parent’s room, and he shattered the window. He was sure that his hopes of being with her were just as broken as the window pane. He decided that he would fix the window before her parents got back. They were on the town council and there was a meeting that morning.
Will abandoned all discretion and pounded on the door. Sue, for so she was named, came out and he explained the situation. She felt somewhat responsible because she had purposely ignored him to see how far he would go, and agreed to help him fix the window. They went up to the room and cleaned up all the glass. Neither of them knew how to go about fixing it so they went to a shop that sold windows and asked the man how much it would cost to replace. They didn’t have enough money. Sue was anxious. Will though hard. After all, this was another opportunity to show off. They went to the store next door and asked for work to make enough money. The store manager was skeptical about how useful a small boy would be. Sue told the manager how she had seen Will carrying 50 pound sacks of grain and how he had beat up Bruce Mason. Will was astonished to hear from her own mouth that she had watched him. He was also a bit anxious about how much she was talking him up. The manager agreed to put him to work. He had just happened to have a large pallet of grain and needed it unloaded. He said he would pay them what they needed if they unloaded the pallet, and went back to his accounting. Will tried to carry one of the 50 pound bags, but it merely dragged him down to the floor. He had to admit to Sue that he had filled those sacks with wool instead of grain. So they both carried the sacks, one by one. An hour later they had finished. The manager was satisfied and gave them the money.
Will and Sue ran back to the window shop and bought the window. It was heavy, but they made it back to Sue’s house. They realized that they had a new problem. They didn’t know how to replace the window.
Will remembered that Bruce worked summers at the window shop. Now Will had to reveal to Sue, his friendship with Bruce. Dramatic dialog was exchanged. They got Bruce and the three of them put in the new window. Will realized that all of his lies had backfired on him and now wanted to be completely honest.

Soon Sue’s parents came back, not a trace remained of the day’s events. They did find a note on their bedroom door. “I broke your window, but fixed it. Will Sue.

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