One Little Pig in a Tree

Larry was a pig. One day he heard the story of the Three Little Pigs; it inspired him. He wanted to build a house of his own. He couldn’t find any bricks so he had to figure out a different way to protect himself from the wolf. He had a lot of sticks to build with, but he knew the wolf would only blow it apart. Then Larry had an idea. He found a tall tree that couldn’t be climbed and made plans to build a tree-house in it. How did he get up the tree in the first place? He built a hang glider and took it to a hill near the tree. He strapped a long rope and a bucket to his waist and took off. He flew to the tree and landed in the highest branches. Then Larry tied the rope to a nice large branch and lowered himself down in his bucket. Using the bucket, he hauled up all his lumber and built a tree-house.

Being so high he was soon spotted by the wolf. Wolf came over and watched as Larry came and went using the bucket. Wolf soon hatched a plan. He waited until Larry came down to get food. Then, when Larry was out of sight, he pulled himself up in the bucket and hid in the tree-house. He made sure to leave the bucket exactly as he found it so that the pig wouldn’t suspect anything.

Larry soon returned and pulled himself up with his groceries. To his high-pitched horror he found the wolf waiting in his kitchen boiling water and cutting carrots! The wolf cut the rope and chased Larry around the deck until Larry finally made it to his hang glider and escaped.

The wolf was stuck. On the bright side, the house was very well-built and had an extensive food supply. So the wolf lived comfortably, though confined, for many days.

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