My Trip to Montana, 2013

My trip to Montana to go camping with Melissa. She had invited some friends to visit her and go camping a Glacier National Park. The only one to take her up on the invitation was a guy. Since she couldn’t have him living in her apartment for a week, much less go camping alone with him, she called me up and asked if I would join them. Always ready to do anything for my blood relations, I accepted the task of going camping. We lived pretty close so it was convenient for her friend Dority and I to drive up there together and split the cost of traveling the 600 miles to Whitefish, Montana.
I packed up my little Honda and found Dority’s house in the adjacent town. We exchanged pleasantries and decided to take my vehicle since it got better gas mileage, though I’m sure the gas mileage suffered while loaded down with so much stuff. Luckily we didn’t have to haul any food up there. On the way we got to know each other. After the first couple of hours we knew more than enough about each other and put on a book on tape. We went through a few books over the course of the trip. He also brought his camera and we made a couple of detours along the way to catch the scenery.
For lunch we found a little cafe that had been recommended by Dority’s father. It was a little old school-house that had been converted into a cafe, with the school-house decor preserved. The menu was written on a chalkboard, and the walls were covered in vintage school supplies and educational posters. Most of the customers wore cowboy hats and collared shirts. The food was decent.
Once we made it into Montana I began to see things I had never seen before. Casinos were as abundant as restaurants. I don’t remember what else there was. Perhaps looking at pictures will remind me later.
We got to Kalispell and met Melissa at Wal-Mart since we needed to shop for food and neither of us knew how to get to Melissa’s apartment. Melissa had a menu planned somewhat and we made a few adjustments as we went through the store. Finally we got to her apartment and got settled down. Oh ya, we stopped for some ice-cream as well. That night we cooked and ate and talked and played cards until finally going to bed. The sun goes down at least an hour later than it does at home. It felt weird to see it still kind of light around 10:00.
The next morning we loaded up our stuff into Melissa’s jeep and took off for Glacier. We took a while getting to our campsite cause we were sightseeing and picking up some things like fishing licenses and such. I bought a nice fly reel and a knife. What kind of heretic would go camping without a knife!?
We checked in at the ranger’s booth and found our campsite. Each camping spot is numbered and we thought we found ours, but we needed to back up to see the post with the number on it. I looked behind us just in time to see the tree we backed into. The tree wasn’t harmed at all, but it took out a light cover on Melissa’s nice new jeep. Luckily That was the worst thing that happened throughout our trip. Except it did rain a lot.
There were lots of places to see and Melissa wanted to show all of them to us. We drove around most of the day and took a couple of hikes. We happened to run into Uncle Jud, Aunt Ledah and Natalie up there and we took a stroll with them. I was excited to do some fishing but we got skunked most places. I think we did actually catch one or two near the end of the trip, but obviously not anything worth telling.
Melissa and Dority talked a bunch, so I had a few chances to wander off a bit on my own to fish or look at the scenery. The first morning in camp I left the other two sleeping and found a trail leading to the lake. The sunrise was amazing. The air was a bit cold but the sun shining on you made it perfect. The lake was calm and clear. You could see fish in the deep water where it changed from clear to green and then blue. After sitting there on the shore for a while I began to explore again. I stumbled on an old stone foundation, ruined and mossy. It was pretty small, probably a one room cabin or shed. Soon I went back to the shore and tried to skip rocks. There were lots of pebbles but not many good skipping rocks. One rock was some type of sandstone. I used my knife to scrape a relief image of a tree. Later when I returned to camp I stowed the rock in the Jeep and forgot about it.

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2 thoughts on “My Trip to Montana, 2013

  1. That was a good time! I am so glad you are willing to help out old blood relations and that you came up to help me out!

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