Story Time

I love stories. I like to read them and I would like to write them as well. But I don’t really let my imagination wander in fantasy or fiction. I like to concentrate on real life. I want to create a story but in real-time. I want to live it. I want to make something of my life worth writing about.

I am a home schooled boy who grew up largely in isolation. I spent my youth in the hills and woods. I used to trap and hunt. I’ve skinned more critters than I can count. I served a mission in mexico during some of the worst of the drug cartel wars, where you were never sure if you were hearing fireworks or a gun battle. When I returned I worked a couple of jobs before going to school. I decided that the university was not for me and went to a tech school to study drafting. I used that as a front while I studied in my apartment about social media, blogging, finances and business. I wrote and read and wrote and read. I am in the process of creating a life for myself, one where I am financially independent and I dedicate my time to seeking out the best thoughts and paradigms. I am surveying the world to find a path. I am pioneering the cloud of information and thought and culture. Just as I used to study which plants were edible or harmful in the wilderness, I now roam the jungle out there to apply my gift of discernment to identify the good from the bad.

People are confused about how the world works in spite of all the advancements in science and trial and error of various ideas and inventions and thoughts. There are those who have learned to manipulate how we see the world. There are others who would wrest these individuals of control of mans vision. There are those who have unwittingly altered the lens of right and wrong until they are befuddled and confused. There are those who would stand in for forgotten or lost signals. I wish to be among those men who restore our vision and direction. I would do so by sifting through the knowledge we have, reconnecting the circuits that have fallen out of repair. diagnosing the causes and finding the cures for the mutations and malfunctions.

I may not be a wiz with computers or mechanics but I can wield a pen, and my mind is active and daily increasing in skill and dexterity. I feed on truth, vision, and motivation.

I always have a paper and pen handy, ready to capture thoughts and ideas that come to me. I haven’t found a use or application for all of my inspiration, but as I record them I show that I am receptive and the stream becomes more steady.

I need to be more active in testing out my ideas and spreading my thoughts so that when I strike it may hit home.

This home schooled boy from the mountains will become a success in business. he will show people that there is a way out of the cave we have cornered ourselves into.

People have problems. I would like to solve them. Or at least open their eyes to the possibilities and their own potential.

What problems do people have? Lack of money. lack of education (even the college grads). Unhappiness. lack of nutrition (even the well fed).  Is it wrong to think that there are malnourished people who get plenty to eat? Or that there are people who have gone through the entire educational system and yet be ignorant?

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