My education goals

My educational goals are divided into two categories, though they support each other in critical ways. The first is for the temporal security of my family, the second is for the enrichment of my understanding and enjoyment.
My short-term goals involve getting certified in Drafting so that I may obtain employment somewhere that will permit me to earn enough money to continue living and studying independently. I decided on Drafting because such knowledge and experience will bring me much closer to my next educational goal to become an engineer. Also, I may explore the various branches of the Engineering field while I study Drafting, and this without the distractions and demands of the typical university curriculum and campus life, which one normally must go through to reach such academic exposure. The school I plan on attending is connected to a nearby university so that a certificate at this school translates into 30 credits toward an associate degree. This plan will put me closer to my goal of becoming an engineer, while, not only saving money, but also providing a source of income.
As I work to enhance my employment opportunities I intend to busy myself in developing my skills and interests such as creative writing, languages, political science, music, and sports.
With grants and scholarships I could better my situation instead of working full-time just to maintain the status quo. I do not seek more than a supplement for my limited resources

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