She drove. Part 1

This past weekend I had the rare opportunity of going to see General Conference. An old friend invited me to go with her. We have hung out for the past month doing random stuff so it was nice to do something with a bit of structure.

It was an amazing experience to walk the temple grounds and see the people come together from all parts of the world. many would be envious of the chance to see the conference speakers in the flesh, even though they appeared as tiny specks in the distance. There is also the spectacle of demonstrators in the streets competing with the member choir singing hymns.

The first thing that caught my attention was the fact that Utah is in spring while in Wyoming winter is still latched onto our pant leg. The place is abloom with tulips, and daffodils, the trees glow white and pink in the sunlight, grass as green as… well, grass. Pastel colors are sharply contrasted with the black suit coats and conservative colors of Sunday dress. It’s something unreal to stand in a perfect atmosphere with a girl by your side and no wind burning your face to tell you it’s not a dream.

Like everything it had its catches. All the way up from the two dollar parking we were bombarded by homeless people, protesters, newsies, and people in their Sunday best asking if we had any spare tickets on hand. I also got nailed by the ushers about my missionary backpack, i had to put it in the package checkroom.

So with my journal sticking awkwardly out of my suit jacket i accompanied my companion through the doors at the last-minute to the last few seats in the place. For a recently returned missionary there are few sights more exhilarating than seeing the Mormon Tabernacle choir perform live. I hadn’t the slightest urge to dose during the session. Though my nose was a little stuffy and I had a hard time keeping it from whistling and drawing too much attention.

We were some of the fortunate few that got to attend both sessions, thanks to my friend’s connections. At first we were only going to the second session but since one of her connections happened to be present we had an unexpected opportunity. Mine was to sit next to a little Hispanic kid that had translation equipment for headgear. He kept looking at me when my nose made funny noises.

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2 thoughts on “She drove. Part 1

  1. The first time I went we stood in line forever and as soon as we got to the doors they said there wasn’t any room. So we walked the grounds and listened to conference. Didn’t know you could do that did you?! Or maybe you did.

    • I wondered when we could hear the choir from a distance. I wonder what the demonstrators do when that gets going.

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