The daily grind

So I have about three weeks of steady work under my now greasy belt. The place is big and dark and has a thick patina of grease and metal shavings that seems to spread like a disease. I have learned a ton in these few weeks, among them are with whom one can joke and at whom one is better off not looking. there are so many machines to learn how to use but so far I am only proficient in using the grinder and the broom.

There is an interesting variety of characters among the crew, some of them even have nicknames to add to their flavor. To mention a few there is Toad who mostly keeps to himself and works steadily and without too much action, then there is Critter, the skinny guy that always wears his jacket from the oil fields and has a toy skeleton stuck on his car window, also there is Brown Spot, I guess he got that name from his Latino heritage. Personally I would have given that name to any of the others who constantly are fingering Tobacco into their gums.

My average week day goes something like this: My cell phone goes off and I press snooze to get in another ten minutes. I get dressed and scrounge something up for breakfast. I load my lunch, coat, gloves and fancy safety glasses into whatever vehicle is available and cruise off towards the rising sun. I pull up outside the gates because that is where the new guys have to park. I clock in and go searching for the foreman to put me to work. I drift from one end of the shop to the other cleaning up after the certified welders.


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2 thoughts on “The daily grind

  1. George Redden

    I’ve worked there before!

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