I got a job

The other day I spent several hours in town on various errands. Feeling the freedom of wheels I decided to be decisive and take some steps for the development of my future. I went into Murdochs and asked for a job application. The nice lady at the check out desk informed me that they were not hiring at the moment but the manager was taking apps.

I then drove to the Metal fabrication shop I had worked at more than two years ago and chatted with the owners for a bit before taking an application and scooting. I drove home feeling very manly for having been such a big boy about it all.

I was sure there was no reason for filling out the app because one of the owners had told me a few days earlier to drop by the shop for a job. I knew it was in the bag but I was also sort of hesitant to dive into regulated time. I was sort of enjoying all the free time with no obligations on my hands. I was a slave only to the dinner bell.

i drove into town ready for a day of work. I went in and plopped my application onto the desk. They looked at me like cats receiving a fresh can of tuna. Before I knew it I had some fancy safety glasses, earplugs, and a pair of fresh white leather gloves. I punched in a time card and started grinding on a piece of I bar.

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2 thoughts on “I got a job

  1. I waited until I was desperate before getting a job. Plus I had to fill out a million applications. I’ll write the story some time.

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